July 16, 2018Equerry asks – Should investors worry about an upsurge in US populism?

Equerry Investment Management endeavour to keep an eye on global news that could potentially have an impact on the UK and ultimately our client’s investment interests.

With Donald Trump visiting the UK this week, our Branch Principal, Andrew Coveney, has taken note of a MoneyWeek article, published in their 5th July 2018 edition.

Here, MoneyWeek writes that an upsurge in populism being experienced in the US is a direct reaction to voters feeling disempowered by an era in which central banks, multinationals, and supranational organisations appeared to make all the important decisions and that, as a consequence, national governments are reduced to being rule-takers rather than rule-makers.

MoneyWeek adds that this trend has further to run and that investors should ‘expect more intervention, more trade friction, more pressure for higher wages and more inflation.’

Time will tell whether the article is set to pre-empt any changes to inflation in the US and indeed, here in the UK. However, its contents may give the reader reason to pause for thought.

Click here to access the article.


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